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Bedrooms: Making the Most of Your Most Personal Space

Tracy Wharton bedroom Calgary decorator Calgary designer Calgary interior decorating Calgary interior design elegant gray grey master suite mastersuite neutral peaceful relaxing soft sustainable

Making your private space comfortable and personalized is a nice way of taking care of yourself, so you can recharge and be ready to face the next day.  I find bedrooms are one of the most neglected spaces in our houses. At least, it seems to be the case in many Calgary homes. Designers are often called in to work on kitchens, bathrooms and other large expensive projects, but bedrooms are frequently neglected. Fortunately, compared to a kitchen renovation, making your master bedroom feel like a getaway is a walk in the park.  Starting from the basics, I recommend first...

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Creating a Home Spa: 3 Ways Commercial Interior Design Can Inspire

Tracy Wharton bathroom calgary hotel interior decorating interior design luxury master suite spa tile

If you have ever wanted to bring the feeling of a luxury hotel to your master suite, here are 3 tips to help get you started.  Most of us wouldn't want the word, "commercial" to describe our homes, but who hasn't been blown away by a beautiful hotel room? Looking at the elements that make a space feel truly luxurious, here are a few tips on how "commercial" or "industrial" design could help make your home into an oasis. 1. Keep it simple. Really striking spaces are carefully edited to play off just a few really dramatic features. Everything in...

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