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Sample projects

We often update the Dovecote Houzz page with new photos, but here are a few samples of some of our favourite projects along with project notes. Each project is very different from the next. Our boutique-style approach ensures that our clients' homes feel like theirs rather than a cookie cutter imposed upon them. The space evolves to fit the client and their lifestyle rather than the other way around. 



Calgary Bedroom interior designer Dovecote

The private spaces in your home should relax and nurture you. We work with our clients to create bedrooms dens which feel like theirs; incorporating favourite pieces, artwork and colours. The result is a room that feels like yours, with professionally designed touches you might not have thought of yourself. 



Calgary bathroom interior design

It's always good to be home, but sometimes our clients want their homes to feel like get aways to their favourite exotic locales. Coming home can be like a mini-vacation that transports you to places you've loved visiting or always wished you could visit. Lie back, relax and drift away. 



Dining room by Calgary Designer Tracy Wharton


The dining room in this Elbow Park home is elegant, warm and intimate. Guests are wowed by the stunning custom table and sparkling light fixtures. Pieces were selected to be harmonious and welcoming while still creating a sense of drama and excitement for special occasions. 



Calgary interior designer creates family friendly spaces


The open concept kitchen and family room in this Calgary home features a large island that is perfect for food preparation and entertaining. Guests and family can gather and visit before and during meals (you might even get help cleaning up). Well designed kitchens are more than just beautiful, they are places to create meals and memories.