Creating a Home Spa: 3 Ways Commercial Interior Design Can Inspire

Creating a Home Spa: 3 Ways Commercial Interior Design Can Inspire

If you have ever wanted to bring the feeling of a luxury hotel to your master suite, here are 3 tips to help get you started. 

Most of us wouldn't want the word, "commercial" to describe our homes, but who hasn't been blown away by a beautiful hotel room? Looking at the elements that make a space feel truly luxurious, here are a few tips on how "commercial" or "industrial" design could help make your home into an oasis.

1. Keep it simple.

Really striking spaces are carefully edited to play off just a few really dramatic features. Everything in a room does not need to be fighting for your attention. In fact, if you try too hard to have everything in a space feel "special" the effect is more likely to be one of overwhelm or clutter. Find a few finishes or features (in a bathroom, a stunning pedestal tub for example) that you really want to make into focal points. Other finishes in the room should only be playing a supporting role. You probably can't have a drop dead, floor to ceiling view of Vancouver from your bathroom (as in the photo), but you can have stunning tile, and a sleek vanity. Make sure you have lots of good storage that is hidden away. It's never relaxing to be in a room that is cluttered. Put doors on storage so that you can hide grooming products away.

2. Lighting can work wonders.

Interior designers and decorators know that good lighting is key and we often think of it as being layered within a room so you can create different moods when desired. There should be ambient light, task lighting and kinetic lighting. In a bathroom, pot lights are often the ambient lighting. Almost every bathroom then has vanity lighting of some sort, but if you are renovating your bathroom, consider having your electrician take a few extra steps. Put the pots and vanity lighting on separate circuits, or put all the lights on a dimmer so you can relax in the tub with the lights low. You can see how the switch shown (from the Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver) has multiple options on the switch for different lighting effects. There is even LED lighting under the vanity which acts as an accent or a nightlight. A dramatic fixture over a tub is another interesting way to play with lighting accents and candles or a fireplace can be features that provide warmth and kinetic light. If you are not renovating, adding a dimmer is a pretty easy DIY project. 

3. A luxurious tub and shower can take centre stage.

If you have the room, a larger custom shower stall is a real treat and a steam shower is even better. Have the shower custom tiled (rather than using an insert) and you can add little features like a seat or insets in the walls for shampoo etc. A great tiler will also be able to help you come up with other custom features for your space. Just like with lighting, you could also have a shower with multiple functions such as a rain shower head, more directional and invigorating heads and "telephone" wands. And if you are looking for striking fixtures for your bathtub, there is no shortage of those either. Take a look at this tub filler from Kohler. The ability to customize your experience each time you use your bathroom really will make it feel like a spa. 

Looking for help to customize your home? We do that. 


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