Bedrooms: Making the Most of Your Most Personal Space

Bedrooms: Making the Most of Your Most Personal Space

Making your private space comfortable and personalized is a nice way of taking care of yourself, so you can recharge and be ready to face the next day. 

I find bedrooms are one of the most neglected spaces in our houses. At least, it seems to be the case in many Calgary homes. Designers are often called in to work on kitchens, bathrooms and other large expensive projects, but bedrooms are frequently neglected. Fortunately, compared to a kitchen renovation, making your master bedroom feel like a getaway is a walk in the park. 

Starting from the basics, I recommend first purging items and clearing out what is no longer needed. There's no point going out to buy cabinetry to house clothes you never wear anyway. In the project featured here (a smallish condo) the new bed has a storage area underneath the mattress. I often recommend these for smaller homes as the space occupied by the box spring becomes a handy place to put out of season clothes, skis or other sports equipment. This frees up the close to be used more easily for day to day items. 

We begain with a neutral palette, but my clients had a few pieces from their travels which they wanted to highlight (more on that later). The space needed to be efficient if it wasn't to feel cramped and crowded. Wiring was added to place pendant lights on either side of the bed, rather than traditional bedside lamps. This allows bedside table surfaces to remain free and clear. 

Designer light fixture Calgary

An elegant, headboard with custom details is the focal point of the bedroom and my clients opted to splurge for custom window treatments. This is a purchase I have never seen a client regret. The difference between custom and off the rack is worth the money, in my opinion. They now have light control, privacy and a lovely soft light washes over the room in the daytime. Mirrored bedside tables and accessories add a dash of sparkle, and keep the room feeling more open.

Calgary Designer Tracy Wharton Master Bedroom 

The light fixtures are an important element in this room, as are my clients' personal items. A dramatic, but not over-fussy fixture floods the room with light and adds a "wow" factor. Between that and the lovely glass pendants on either side of the bed, this tiny bedroom packs a big punch of style. 

Treasured items from travels enhance home design

Artwork from travels is displayed on a custom finished wall and simple vignettes add interest without being cluttered. Colour from the artwork becomes the inspiration for elegant flower displays. A few pops of colour make the room more vibrant, but less is more. 

Rugs and lights interior design Calgary

A colourful rug from a Turkish market adds a little more colour and texture to the bedroom and ties in beautifully with my clients' art collection. 

Designer toss cushions and bedding Calgary

It's always good to surround yourself with the things that make you smile. I wish I could take credit for finding this giraffe toss cushion peeking out from behind some of the more neutral selections, but my client did that herself. I think it's brilliant. Again, this fun little piece brings in the palette from the Turkish rug and artwork and is a nice little bit of visual fun in a very sophisticated space. 

I will be adding more blog posts on this home as it's a particularly great example of how a small space can be extraordinary. 

If you'd like help making your personal spaces perfect, give us a call, or drop us a line today. We have a variety of packages and options available to suit projects both big and small. 

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That giraffe toss cushion at the end! That made the room :D No, but seriously, that was some amazing transformation, you surely kept in mind the intimacy of such space that is bedroom. The personal touch is definitely the key to it (even if it’s something goofy like the giraffe cushion). Maybe one more thing that could be helpful with adding personality to interior is to drop the mass produced catalogue furniture and go for something from designer store.

Dan Cooper

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