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Hanging Artwork

One of the top questions I get asked at the end of a project is how to hang artwork. Sometimes I will work with a client to do just that, but here are a few ideas for doing it on your own:

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A few of my tips and tricks include:

-Consider the scale of the wall and the size of your artwork. A small print on a large wall or over a large piece of furniture will usually not look balanced.

-Will you be sitting or standing most of the time you are in the room? Generally, hang artwork lower in a living room where it will be viewed from a seated position.

-Hang your artwork in relation to what is around it. Please don't float an arrangement way above a little side table. Think of the artwork on the wall as part of a "vignette" that you can create around it and the furniture.

-Have a theme. Whether it's the subject matter, the medium or the colour of the frames, it's almost always a good idea to have some unifying theme to your arrangement.

-Create your arrangement on the floor first so you can just move things around until you find what works best. 

-Think of your artwork as being part of a "vignette" and hang it in relation to furniture. A picture hung so that it floats way above a table looks lost and lonely. Bring it down and make it tie in.