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Who turned out the lights? How to use finishes to lighten your space

Tracy Wharton craftsman dark decorating flooring interior design kitchen light makeover vintage

Dark rooms can be fantastic, but how can you correct an over-dark space to make it feel light and inviting? My clients contacted me with a problem. They have a beautiful, craftsman-style home with an eccentric kitchen that was so dark as to be almost non-functional. The kitchen had a lot going for it, so we started there. The layout was pretty good overall, professional range and the cabinetry was in keeping with the style of the home. There was some natural light, but it was being mostly lost and there were a few missing opportunities for storage that needed...

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Renovating a kitchen in a character home with function in mind

Tracy Wharton character home kitchen kitchen function kitchen renovation renovation

Character home kitchens present unique challenges. They often have doors and windows where we wish they didn't, were built before anybody had ever heard of a work triangle, electrical and plumbing can be completely outdated and so on, but then, that is part of what gives a home character. The challenge is to provide a homeowner with a space that functions as we expect a kitchen to function, but still retains the charm of the original space. This was exactly what the owner of this century old home in Calgary was facing. A long "bowling alley" of a kitchen, with...

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