Cozy Up For Fall

Cozy Up For Fall

Feel like making a few changes around your home to cozy up for fall and winter, but don't know where to start? Here are three versatile "looks" you can easily incorporate into your own home. 

Up first is the most understated of the three. Using a palette of neutral greys and metallics, texture is the star here. 

Calgary designer fall neutrals and metallics

Grey and gold interior designer palette

I started with some wallpaper and paint picks. While nobody I know redoes their walls seasonally, these are selections that will work year round, but also can be incorporated into seasonal styles if you so desire. A grasscloth and metallic "leather" wallpaper by Schumacher paired with a soft grey paint by C2, set the tone. 

Toss cushions are a great way to change the look of a space, since it's easy to have and store several sets with zippers that use the same forms season to season. The starting point for the cushions was a beautiful velvet fabric embossed with gold acanthus leaves. A warm gold satin and textured weave plays off the colours in both the inspiration fabric and the wallpaper. 

By swapping out just a select few of your accessories, a room can feel refreshed. In this case, a pair of simple glass vases are an elegant addition along with a vase with a "seed pod" shape which is perfect for fall. All the accessories in this article are from Interior Living and there are many more in store to choose from.  Editing is key, though, so don't forget to tuck a few things away when you bring out something new to avoid a cluttered look. In spring you can easily reverse this and it's amazing what a simple change like that does to perk up your home and help you see it again with fresh eyes. 

Since few of us are able to keep fresh flowers in our homes year round, it's good to remember there are other options for bringing in a natural touch. I selected a cotton branch to compliment this look. It's an unexpected and long lasting element you should be able to find at a local florist at this time of year. A few placed in a vase on a coffee table can take the place of easier to find cut flowers from spring and summer. 

This next look brings in a little more colour and works well if your existing palette is more earthy rather than grey. 

interior designer menswear inspired mid-century

menswear inspired colours

This is a menswear inspired look with natural elements and earthy tones. The wallpaper I selected is cork and gold.  It pairs well with soft creamy whites and rich wood tones in furnishings. 

Wool fabric with a subtle orange pinstripe is set off by a rich orange felted wool. The inspiration fabric is graphic and playful. This would make an interesting and striking combination of toss cushions. Both the colours and the textures evoke fall and feel cozy and informal while still adding a "pop" of colour and pattern. 

I paired this with gold toned mid-century style sculptures and a bowl with a subtle gold rim and heavily textured interior which again, evokes the wallpaper. In this case, the "floral" element is dried Chinese Lanterns. They keep well and look great in a bowl or vase, again, picking up on the orange in the fabrics. 

This last look is the most colourful and playful. While deviating from a standard fall palette, it can be worked into a room with a more colourful palette. Starting again with the wallpaper, in this case, it's a pairing of a metallic woven grasscloth and a pale mauve silk. With different toss cushions and accessories, this look easily transforms back to spring and summer when you need it to. I have paired the papers with a soft mauve-based taupe paint and off white for trim. 

Fall colours calgary

unexpected fall palette

The inspiration fabric here is a lot of fun with an unusual combination of purples, cobalts, greens and even some pinks. Jewel tones work well in colder seasons and can be a welcome break from the browns and whites of the landscape. This fabric also has a pattern of bare tree branches which is again, perfect for fall and winter. I have paired it with an amazing green mohair that reminds me of moss and a vibrant stripe with metallic threads. 

The "floral" element here really is floral. Dried hydrangea can keep for months, thought they are delicate. It can look great in a closed jar and with some moss added. 

Of course, as the days grow shorter and colder, candlelight is also the perfect accessory to enliven our indoor spaces. I am showing this grouping paired with a gloss white and gold pair of pillar candle holders and a faux metallic antler for a touch of fall/winter lodge. 

If you want to perk up your space before we move indoors for the cooler months ahead, think outside the traditional gourds and leaves and bring sophisticated finishes and unexpected colours and natural touches to your home for a cozy and inviting home. 




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