Pull It Together! Decorating a room; where do you start?

Pull It Together! Decorating a room; where do you start?

When I am working with a client to pull a space together, they are often surprised to learn that choosing paint colour is one of the last steps in the decorating process.

The reason for this is simple; you can find any paint colour you can imagine, but you might find that other finishes needed in a room are much more limited.  

Start with your "must haves". Do you absolutely want a quartz countertop in your kitchen? If so, there may be only 3-4 choices that appeal to you. Go there first and work outwards. Work from items where there is least to most choice finishing with paint colour. As discussed in previous posts, take a look at what you already have in your home or in the room you are working on and find the piece that has to be there. There are a wealth of clues about the overall look within the items you have probably already chosen. What are the colours? Are they accents or would they make a great overall colour? Is the look of the item casual or formal? 

Begin pulling things together slowly and create a "mood board". A mood board is a collection of photographs of items, finish samples, fabric and paint colours that you can use to pull things together before you begin the actual decoration or design.  I'm posting some examples of collections I have pulled together.  

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