Top 3 tips for decorating kids' rooms

Top 3 tips for decorating kids' rooms

Keeping these tips in mind when decorating a child's room will make the process easier and more successful for everyone.

1. When choosing a colour don't just hand over the fan deck to your child. There are too many choices which can overwhelm them, and too many opportunities for kids to fall in love with something you hate. Next thing you know there's going to be a power struggle and someone is going to be unhappy.  Instead, go through the colours yourself first and pick 5-6 that you would be ok with.  Present only those options to your child. I haven't yet had a child say they didn't want at least one of the options. Easy-peasy.

2.  Avoid cutesy themes. Same as for babies rooms in an earlier blog post.Themes are often short lived and parents and child are stuck with a room they have outgrown.Parents would be surprised how often children are happy to have a room that is a bit more sophisticated.
 After all, we all remember being little and wishing we were bigger. A room that is more grown-up has a lot of appeal for kids. For instance, black can make an interesting accent as shown in these photos. 

3.  Relax. As my kids can attest, I am a control freak about the house, but I try to back off a bit when it comes to their rooms. It's their space, they get to do things a little more their way. Kids rooms never look like magazine shoots (except in magazine shoots) so don't worry that their rooms may be a bit more cluttered and that everything isn't perfect. Help them organize spaces to do things they like to do. It's a great opportunity for kids to get to know themselves and find their own likes and dis-likes while working in harmony with the rest of the family.  

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