Design your own terrarium

Design your own terrarium

I get antsy this time of year waiting to get out and work in my garden. I need a plant fix so it's a good time to hone in on my indoor plants. This is green living at its best.

Usually my house plants are looking a bit tired from a long winter and being neglected while I ski (or sleep by the fire as the case may be). Plants can really ad life (literally) to a room, but not if they are mostly brown. 

Using a few interior decorating rules of thumb you can create big impact with your indoor plants. Here are a few tips:

Do group like with like. Succulents and desert type plants belong together. Tropicals belong together. Flowers with similar flower colous belong together. Think of your plants just as you would think of fabrics or paint colours. Is there a common thread that ties them together?

Vary leaf shapes for textural interest OR create a grouping of just one type of plant. Repetition makes for great impact. I recently created the terrarium shown in the photo using 3 orchids from the grocery store. It was an easy inexpensive way to get my flower fix.

Think about using something interesting to hide the soil. My orchids are in bark chips and the succulents in the other photo are in matching pots that are set in a tray of pinto beans. That tray could easily become a centrepiece at my next Mexican themed dinner party.  

Don't be intimidated by plants. Although I love gardening, I tend to neglect houseplants. Here are some varieties that handle neglect well. Succulents, cactii, moth orchids (phalenopsis) and african violets. Some of those plants are thought of as difficult, but put a moth orchid out of direct sunlight and don't overwater it (they are prone to root rot) and you will have a flower display that will last months. One of my orchids has been blooming since I got it for Valentine's Day 6 weeks ago.  

Happy indoor gardening and remember that house plants keep VOCs down and improve your air quality.

Questions about which plants make for the healthiest air and look great in your space?  Contact me.

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