How Accessorizing and Finishing Touches Make a House a Home

How Accessorizing and Finishing Touches Make a House a Home

The last 10% of pulling a space together is the difference between a home that is "nice" and a home that is "Wow". Don't neglect accessorizing when you decorate your space.

Looking at the before and after pictures above, it's easy to see how accessorizing a room is well worth the effort. In the smaller photo, the basics are in place.  Paint colours and textiles are harmonious and there's even an interesting wall treatment and light fixture that get a start on making the space a little beyond the ordinary, but "no guts, no glory".  Decorating this room has not yet gone far enough to make it a real standout.  

I used the wall decal and brass trim on the chandelier as inspiration for a limited, but dramatic palate in this master bedroom. Beautiful custom silk drapes finish off and dress the window. A small cut crystal lamp had a new shade (with gold interior and black exterior) added to finish off a cozy reading area.  

Metalic sheen silk cushions and a statement needlepoint pillow pull the whole colour scheme together. This room has been carefully edited and pulled together using only items the home owners already had.  Nothing except the drapes are new purchases.  Odds are you already have much of what you need to take your space to the next level.

If you need help bringing drama and beauty to your space, contact me today and we can get started on making your spaces amazing. 

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