Hiring an Interior Designer? Your Husband Doesn't Need to Be Scared

Working as an interior designer is as much marriage counsellor as it is design. Here are 3 reasons your better half can relax.

I can always see it in their eyes. The terror. The uncertainty. The feeling of being outnumbered. 9 times out of 10 it's the wife who calls to book a meeting, so please forgive me if I make some generalizations in this post. I have also worked on projects where gender roles were reversed, but I'd be lying if I said that it was 50/50 husband and wife who want to make changes around the house. Things your husband (or nervous better-half) should know:

1. As often as not I reign in spending.

I'm able to advise on where money is best spent. Where to save, where to splurge. I frequently suggest that plans be scaled back or that money could better be spent elsewhere for more impact. Knowing where to focus for best results saves money. The advantage of an objective eye often means that what has become invisible to the homeowner is brought to light. You may already have all the furniture you need, but its placement could be better or it needs to be in a different room. 

2.The finished project will not be all frilly and pink (or whatever nighmare you might be imagining).

Requests for overly feminine interiors are rare (ok, I have never had one) and again, I would see it as my job to reign that in. This is an opportunity for BOTH spouses to have a say in what is important to them. I work with both sides of a couple to find compromise that can work for everyone and still give a beautiful result. A balance between masculine and feminine elements is one thing that makes a space interesting. Ignoring half of that would be a big mistake in my book. 

3. Designers can buy at a discount and we know where to find great tradespeople.

The products you are going to buy anyway are available to you at a reduced rate in many cases. We can also help you to avoid costly mistakes.  Things like furniture that doesn't fit and finishes that clash and that will result in costly do-overs (aka: mulligans). This is really a case of measure twice and cut once. Get it right the first time, and a decorating or design project will look great for years. I also know where to find good, honest trades so your home won't be on the next episode of Holmes on Homes.  

Your spouse can relax. It's all good. 

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