Design for Comfort: Feldman Foot and Ankle Specialists

Design for Comfort: Feldman Foot and Ankle Specialists

Wharton Interiors is proud to unveil the gorgeous new home of Feldman Foot and Ankle Specialists in conjunction with Aubrey Reisinger Interior Design. 

When Dr. Feldman approached me about designing his new office, he was very specific about creating a space that would help his patients feel at ease and embody some of the ideals of his practice. Patient comfort in a contemporary space that was easy for both patients and staff to navigate and where services could be delivered comfortably and efficiently were top priority. 

We started with great bones, so that always makes a job easier, but we also had some challenges we needed to work around. The space feels open and has great natural light, but was dated and needed a space redisign on the front end in reception and the some of the staff areas. That is where Aubrey stepped in. One major challenge was needing to work within the existing suspended ceiling grid as timelines were tight and we wanted to avoid moving things like sprinkler heads. Aubrey worked not only with the floorplan itself, but also using as-built drawings of the ceilng and managed to create an uncompromised space that required no major moves for lighting, HVAC or sprinklers. Plenty of storage space for medical supplies and files were incorporated.  A staff kitchen with eat-in area, generous back office, and storage for staff's personal items were tweaked or added. A former storage room became an xray room and there are 3 patient exam rooms as well as a grinding room for orthotic production and a private doctors office in the final layout. With the function of the space worked out, we were ready to move onto finishes and making the space beautiful. 

When selecting finishes for the office, durability and the ability to easily keep serfaces clean were obviously important considerations, but Dr. Feldman also wanted the office to feel warm and welcoming to patients. I worked with him to select a commercial grade vinyl floor with the look of a wood, which adds warmth and keeps the contemporary feel from veering too much to the cold or clinical look we wanted to avoid. Most walls are neutral, but warm tones and we incorporated texture to add visual interest. A few accent walls and some furnishings in a dramatic blue are great backdrops for artwork and keep the space lively. Furnishings are comfortable and allow patients to elevate their feet easily if needed. 

A custom reception desk with accent wall and quartz work surfaces is a welcoming first meeting place for patients and staff. Accent lighting is built into the desk and other lighting washes accent walls to "sculpt" them and add depth and brightness to spaces that lacked the otherwise abundant natural light. The result is a polished, functional, professional space that welcomes and relaxes patients and staff alike. If you need help with a commercial space, we would love to help you create a vision and bring it to reality

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