Incorporating your travels into your interior design

Incorporating your travels into your interior design

If you have a favourite travel destination, why not bring it home with you through your interior design? 

This can be done in a way that isn't too "theme-y" by toning things down, and considering what the textures, design elements and mood of that place are. OK, you really might not be able to tone it down too much if your favourite travel destination is Vegas, but I am guessing if it is, you might just want your space to feel more dynamic anyway. 

I worked with a client who loved visiting North Africa and she and I started talking about the finishes found in Moroccan bathrooms. There walls are typically made with a type of burnished clay. When she and I went tile shopping together, we found she was drawn to the quatrefoil shaped tiles in various materials, and when she found one in marble, she was hooked. That being a high end tile, we opted to build the design around it, but to use it in moderation. 

An extra big shower and a freestanding tub were really high on her list. We used the more pricey quatrefoil tile in a focal point inset in the shower, and used a mable subway tile as a field tile for the rest of the shower enclosure. Framless glass means the shower enclosure almost vanishes, allowing the tile to be the star of the show. 

My client happily sourced a few elements such as the unique shower seat which worked really well with her tile shape. She also found a great deal on a slipper tub which helped offset the splurge for her tiles. We wanted to keep everything light and a little bit dreamy (walls in actual Moroccan bathrooms are typically a mid-tone grey dictated by the clay that is used). Happily, I also found her a very well priced vanity and light fixture. 

We decided to have the walls treated with a custom finish in a pale cream with light pearlized accents. It has to be seen to be fully appreciated. The blank wall above the tub was outfitted with a biofuel fireplace which requires no venting, but adds a wow factor. I also had the contractor cut custom templated for her windows to give them a touch of the exotic. 

The result is a room that is truly an escape. While it is clearly inspired by Morocco and the Middle East in its design details, it isn't overwhelming. It's unexpected, serene and, if I do say so myself, downright gorgeous. 

Needing help with a design dilema or just need a colour consultation? Let me know. I'd love to help you escape from it all in your own home. 

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