Home Renovation - I can't believe it's the same space

Home Renovation - I can't believe it's the same space

A bathroom renovation I recently completed work on has transformed the space leaving it functional and beautiful. 

First impressions of this small mainfloor bathroom was that is was depressing, awkward and dark. My client was struggling with the added difficulty of helping her daughter with disabilities to get in and out of a cramped tub to shower. We needed to find more space and greatly improve the functionality while making the only bathroom on the main floor feel like a place one could go to relax. 

First, we found more space by bumping into the adjacent room by a few feet and then building a small cantilieviered addition off the side of the house. The addition also featured a window that immediately made the room feel much more open. My client, an avid gardener, wanted privacy (of course) but also to be able to see the outdoors. 

We started out talking about a watery spa feel, but a trip to the granite yard lead us to an amazing slab and the inspiration for the colour scheme and the whole earthy feel of the space. From there, we found bamboo cabinetry that picked up on the orange veins in the slab and tiles that complimented, but didn't compete with the slab. Still, with room for only a small vanity, we had to figure out to do with a large slab of granite. It was so stunning that I came up with the concept of using it all the way up the wall and setting light fixtures into the slab itself. The result is stunning and anything but ordinary. It was a splurge, but we made the most of it and it was money well spent. 


The tub needed to go. It was too hard for my client's daughter to step over the side to get in and since we didn't have room for both a tub and large shower, we put additional thought into how to make the shower as luxurious as possible. Multiple heads on the shower for directional water flow or for a soothing rainshower give the user greater control when getting ready in the morning or relaxing after a hard day.

Heated floors were installed and a place to sit and enjoy with a built in shower seat (again, featuring a top made out of the incredible granite slab). 

By the time this bathroom was completed it was utterly unrecognizable as the same space. It is now a refuge that suits the owner's personality, meets her needs and is a joy to use. Isn't that what we all need first thing in the morning? A personalized space that welcomes us and helps us greet the day.

I can help you transform your shelter into a sanctuary.


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