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Vintage Bathroom Design: Inspiration past and present

Tracy Wharton 1920s bathroom calgary calgary interior decorators interior decorator interior design interior designer tile vintage

I had a chance to look beyond Calgary for bathroom design inspiration on a recent trip to Chicago. Many were beautiful rooms with roots in the 1920s that incorporate modern conveniences. Merchandise Mart in Chicago: There is no comparable design centre in Calgary, or probably anywhere else in North America. It was once the largest commercial office building in the United States and for many years it was a dedicated space for designers to source products for their clients. The main floor is open to the public and several floors above are open to the trade only. Besides amazing furniture,...

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Creating a Home Spa: 3 Ways Commercial Interior Design Can Inspire

Tracy Wharton bathroom calgary hotel interior decorating interior design luxury master suite spa tile

If you have ever wanted to bring the feeling of a luxury hotel to your master suite, here are 3 tips to help get you started.  Most of us wouldn't want the word, "commercial" to describe our homes, but who hasn't been blown away by a beautiful hotel room? Looking at the elements that make a space feel truly luxurious, here are a few tips on how "commercial" or "industrial" design could help make your home into an oasis. 1. Keep it simple. Really striking spaces are carefully edited to play off just a few really dramatic features. Everything in...

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Hearth and Home: Updating your Fireplace

Tracy Wharton brass fireplace gas hearth mantle paint tile update wood burning

Frank Lloyd Wright believed the hearth should literally be the centre of the home, so it's a good idea to make sure yours is ready to be the centre of attention. This is a great off-season project because, hopefully, our fireplaces will be on hiatus very soon. Looking at the insert or actual fireplace itself first, a common issue is outdated brass trim. I've pleasantly surprised a number of my clients by pointing out that the trim is often simply attached with magnets, or easily unscrewed and removed to reveal black metal underneath. That easy, free update is great, but if...

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