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A love/hate relationship with interior design trends

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The word "trend" is one of the words I have the most mixed feelings about as an interior designer. There's a part of me that almost feels yucky writing about them and yet they are important and clients often ask me how to keep their homes "on trend", while at the same time avoiding a "trendy" look. This seeming dichotomy has more to do with how the word is used in context and I'd like to try and demystify it.  Over the next few weeks I will be talking about what you should and shouldn't pay attention to, how to...

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Calgary interior design blog launched

Tracy Wharton calgary decorator calgary interior design sustainable design

Sustainable design provides immediate personal benefits as it often lowers short and long term costs and increases indoor air quality. Longer-term and profound benefits to the planet as a whole are achieved as people increasingly embrace this trend. I use basic and proven principals that may be incorporated into traditional, transitional and contemporary interiors: Reduce the use of harmful chemicals in finishes, textiles and furniture in your home or office for immediate health benefits to you and your family. Reuse the sun's energy for heating and cooling through intelligent application of finishes to capture passive energy. Save on utility bills and enjoy a more comfortable...

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