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Bedrooms: Making the Most of Your Most Personal Space

Tracy Wharton bedroom Calgary decorator Calgary designer Calgary interior decorating Calgary interior design elegant gray grey master suite mastersuite neutral peaceful relaxing soft sustainable

Making your private space comfortable and personalized is a nice way of taking care of yourself, so you can recharge and be ready to face the next day.  I find bedrooms are one of the most neglected spaces in our houses. At least, it seems to be the case in many Calgary homes. Designers are often called in to work on kitchens, bathrooms and other large expensive projects, but bedrooms are frequently neglected. Fortunately, compared to a kitchen renovation, making your master bedroom feel like a getaway is a walk in the park.  Starting from the basics, I recommend first...

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Eco-friendly cabinet makeover

Tracy Wharton calgary interior decorator interior design kids makeover paint sustainable update

Who doesn't love a makeover? This past weekend I took an underwhelming little cabinet in my daughter's room and made it into a fun piece that she loves. I've had this cabinet kicking around since I bought my first home. It was in left behind in the garage when I moved in. If I had to guess, it's probably an old kitchen cabinet and casualty of an earlier renovation. Back then I needed furniture badly and free furniture was especially welcome. If I remember correctly, I got together with my friend Heather and we each repainted an old piece of...

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Design your own terrarium

Tracy Wharton air quality floral display interior decorating plants succulents sustainable terrarium

I get antsy this time of year waiting to get out and work in my garden. I need a plant fix so it's a good time to hone in on my indoor plants. This is green living at its best. Usually my house plants are looking a bit tired from a long winter and being neglected while I ski (or sleep by the fire as the case may be). Plants can really ad life (literally) to a room, but not if they are mostly brown.  Using a few interior decorating rules of thumb you can create big impact with your...

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A love/hate relationship with interior design trends

Tracy Wharton interior design sustainable sustainable design trends upcoming styles

The word "trend" is one of the words I have the most mixed feelings about as an interior designer. There's a part of me that almost feels yucky writing about them and yet they are important and clients often ask me how to keep their homes "on trend", while at the same time avoiding a "trendy" look. This seeming dichotomy has more to do with how the word is used in context and I'd like to try and demystify it.  Over the next few weeks I will be talking about what you should and shouldn't pay attention to, how to...

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