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Incorporating your travels into your interior design

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If you have a favourite travel destination, why not bring it home with you through your interior design?  This can be done in a way that isn't too "theme-y" by toning things down, and considering what the textures, design elements and mood of that place are. OK, you really might not be able to tone it down too much if your favourite travel destination is Vegas, but I am guessing if it is, you might just want your space to feel more dynamic anyway.  I worked with a client who loved visiting North Africa and she and I started talking...

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Creating a Home Spa: 3 Ways Commercial Interior Design Can Inspire

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If you have ever wanted to bring the feeling of a luxury hotel to your master suite, here are 3 tips to help get you started.  Most of us wouldn't want the word, "commercial" to describe our homes, but who hasn't been blown away by a beautiful hotel room? Looking at the elements that make a space feel truly luxurious, here are a few tips on how "commercial" or "industrial" design could help make your home into an oasis. 1. Keep it simple. Really striking spaces are carefully edited to play off just a few really dramatic features. Everything in...

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