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Updating the dated

Tracy Wharton accessories calgary colour consultation dated flooring interior design lighting neutralize turqoise update

What do you do when you have dated finishes you can't tear out? Here's how to work around them and give your space a lift on a budget.  Looking at the picture above, what did you notice first? The sculptural deer head? The vases? The lamp? The toss cushions? The throw? What about the dated, 1980s seafoam carpet?  Yup, it's there, but it probably isn't where your eye when first. I am going to share with you the formula to work around a challenging colour in your space. I am using the example of flooring and seafoam as the colour,...

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Chillingly Easy and Hauntingly Excellent Hallowe'en Decorating

Tracy Wharton Calgary decorating Hallowe'en interior decorating interior design lighting spooky

Seasonal decorating is great, because it doesn't need to be perfect and really the only objective is to have fun.I like to create a mood, but I don't like to store away box after box of stuff to get a creepy vibe going. So, here are some of my favourite tips for haunting your place up without needing to store too much stuff in your crypt year round. I am always inspired by Disney's Haunted Mansion. I love that elegant and moody look, so if you like the slasher movie thing, look elsewhere. First, I know those spider webs are...

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Mirrored Furniture Adds Glamour to Your Home

Tracy Wharton accessories calgary glamour interior design lighting mirror wallpaper

Hello readers! I’m Joanna, a writer for Arcadian Lighting—a brilliant source for light fixtures in all styles and finishes. I adore all things design and enjoy writing guest posts such as this one for Wharton Interior Design. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite pieces of mirrored furniture. They’re always elegant and at times quite glamorous. Hopefully, you’ll find inspiration for decorating your own space with a mirrored piece or two.   This bedroom is stunning with its vivid pink walls and elegant mirrored bed which reflects the light back into the room. The grand scale artwork is especially pretty.   The upholstered chair...

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