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Design for Comfort: Feldman Foot and Ankle Specialists

Tracy Wharton Calgary comfort commercial contemporary dental interior decorator interior designer layout medical podiatry renovation soothing surgical

Wharton Interiors is proud to unveil the gorgeous new home of Feldman Foot and Ankle Specialists in conjunction with Aubrey Reisinger Interior Design.  When Dr. Feldman approached me about designing his new office, he was very specific about creating a space that would help his patients feel at ease and embody some of the ideals of his practice. Patient comfort in a contemporary space that was easy for both patients and staff to navigate and where services could be delivered comfortably and efficiently were top priority.  We started with great bones, so that always makes a job easier, but we also had some challenges we...

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Vintage Bathroom Design: Inspiration past and present

Tracy Wharton 1920s bathroom calgary calgary interior decorators interior decorator interior design interior designer tile vintage

I had a chance to look beyond Calgary for bathroom design inspiration on a recent trip to Chicago. Many were beautiful rooms with roots in the 1920s that incorporate modern conveniences. Merchandise Mart in Chicago: There is no comparable design centre in Calgary, or probably anywhere else in North America. It was once the largest commercial office building in the United States and for many years it was a dedicated space for designers to source products for their clients. The main floor is open to the public and several floors above are open to the trade only. Besides amazing furniture,...

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Souks to Be Me:A Calgary Interior Designer in Marrakech

Tracy Wharton calgary interior decorator calgary interior designer carpet colour ethnic handmade home interior decorator interior designers calgary Morocco rugs travel

Given my love for saturated colour, what better place to find interior design inspiration than in Marrakech?  I packed light intending to do some shopping in Morocco. Not light enough. We still ended up bringing home an extra bag, jammed carry-ons and luggage that pushed the limits of the weight allowances. Going to North Africa was a little out of our comfort zone, but it was incredible. I hope I will get the chance to go back again one day. The people are open and friendly and the spirit of craftsmanship is alive and well in Morocco.  Actually, I was...

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Eco-friendly cabinet makeover

Tracy Wharton calgary interior decorator interior design kids makeover paint sustainable update

Who doesn't love a makeover? This past weekend I took an underwhelming little cabinet in my daughter's room and made it into a fun piece that she loves. I've had this cabinet kicking around since I bought my first home. It was in left behind in the garage when I moved in. If I had to guess, it's probably an old kitchen cabinet and casualty of an earlier renovation. Back then I needed furniture badly and free furniture was especially welcome. If I remember correctly, I got together with my friend Heather and we each repainted an old piece of...

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Hiring an Interior Designer? Your Husband Doesn't Need to Be Scared

Tracy Wharton calgary husband interior decorator interior design

Working as an interior designer is as much marriage counsellor as it is design. Here are 3 reasons your better half can relax. I can always see it in their eyes. The terror. The uncertainty. The feeling of being outnumbered. 9 times out of 10 it's the wife who calls to book a meeting, so please forgive me if I make some generalizations in this post. I have also worked on projects where gender roles were reversed, but I'd be lying if I said that it was 50/50 husband and wife who want to make changes around the house. Things...

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