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Interior Design Blog — Hallowe'en

The Ultimate Not-Quite-Halloween Party How To

Tracy Wharton calgary entertaining Hallowe'en interior decorating interior design kids mood party spooky themes vampire

Decorating your house for Halloween can be a lot of fun and also a lot of work, so if you are looking for a chance to show off your handiwork, here is a great party idea for the end of October.  This idea was born out of the need to have a Halloween party and the realization that hosting on Halloween night is a hassle. A lot of people have commitments that night with respect to handing out candy or taking kids out trick or treating. There has to be a way for the adults to have a fun night...

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Chillingly Easy and Hauntingly Excellent Hallowe'en Decorating

Tracy Wharton Calgary decorating Hallowe'en interior decorating interior design lighting spooky

Seasonal decorating is great, because it doesn't need to be perfect and really the only objective is to have fun.I like to create a mood, but I don't like to store away box after box of stuff to get a creepy vibe going. So, here are some of my favourite tips for haunting your place up without needing to store too much stuff in your crypt year round. I am always inspired by Disney's Haunted Mansion. I love that elegant and moody look, so if you like the slasher movie thing, look elsewhere. First, I know those spider webs are...

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