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Does your home have curb appeal?

Tracy Wharton calgary interior designer colours craftsman curb appeal exterior finishes

We all need to do routine maintenance on our home exteriors, and that is the perfect time to address aesthetic issues as well as structural concerns. This modest bungalow needed a new roof and soffits, and the owner knew it was also looking tired and needed a lift. I was brought in for a few hours to consult on how to make the home look its best at the same time as it was getting in ship shape condition to handle our crazy calgary climate. The family knew they wanted to bring a craftsman feel to their 1950s bungalow without...

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Top 3 tips for decorating kids' rooms

Tracy Wharton colours decorating kids themes

Keeping these tips in mind when decorating a child's room will make the process easier and more successful for everyone. 1. When choosing a colour don't just hand over the fan deck to your child. There are too many choices which can overwhelm them, and too many opportunities for kids to fall in love with something you hate. Next thing you know there's going to be a power struggle and someone is going to be unhappy.  Instead, go through the colours yourself first and pick 5-6 that you would be ok with.  Present only those options to your child. I...

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